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Wait! Before you post your service...

  • Please review our posting guidelines here. We do not approve listings that do not meet our guidelines. It is also important that you understand how our service works and how we expect you to work with our customers.

  • Please upload a picture of yourself for your profile image. Do not use logos as profile image. Do not use a company name or username as Display Name. We recommend this because customers want to book with a person.

  • Create a listing for each service category. Do not cram all services into one listing. Our customers search specifically for the type of service they need. Therefore, it is important that you create multiple listings for each type of service you can do with relevant pictures of previous work.

  • Upload your best work as we do not review every service listing. We do not mean to offend any service provider, but here is where we get editorial. It is recommended NOT to post any service related to illegal or violent activities. We strongly encourage Not To Discriminate against any other User, including refusing to interact with another user solely based on race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, culture, and/or religion.